Friday, May 6, 2011

Contest Day and another challenge: keeping track

So first up: the contest! If you exercised 3 times since last Friday make a comment telling us how you fit in your exercise. You need to comment by midnight tonight and then I will randomly choose a winner. I will announce the winner Monday. I barely got in my 3 days of exercise and I feel very sheepish about it. I definitely need to step it up a bit.

One way I have been fitting  in exercise is to walk up and down my stairs for 5 minute increments throughout the day. Sometimes I feel like this is a little silly but having a baby I can't break away for more than 5 minutes some times. But it gets my heart pumping and my leg muscles burning so I assume it is helping.

Next up: I weighed myself this morning and I am CRABBY. I GAINED 1 pound! I kind of stopped paying attention to what I am eating and I think that is one of the culprits. My friend and I were just talking about this yesterday. It is really easy to overeat the not so best of foods and a lot of time you don't even realize you are doing it. So that is why most weight loss programs encourage you to keep track of what you are eating. I was doing that for a while and then I stopped. I mean keeping track is not the funnest thing but I see it's benefits. So this next week I am recommitting myself to keeping a food journal. Next week on my blog I will document what I am eating. (I know you can't wait!!) So my next challenge to you is to keep a food journal. Try for one week, but even doing it for one day I think can be beneficial.

** Well, I better go. A is trying to run away from home and E is running after her crying. Just another fun-filled morning at our house!


  1. I did it, but it was mostly walking so don't count me in the random drawing. I miss running, but haven't been making it a priority.

  2. Thanks for the challange!! We got a new dog this week, so now I HAVE to exercise. He even brings me his leash - ha! And believe me, walking that dog IS a workout - he weighs almost as much as me! I will try your next challenge this week too. I know keeping a log works, but being that honest with myself isn't always fun ;-)

  3. Is it Friday already? I exercised 4 times. I love the 30 Day Shred video. It seems like it goes faster than other videos and my kids don't mock me or try to hold onto my legs when I do it. It doesn't hurt that they are playing video games on PBSkids upstairs either. :)

  4. Okay, so I think I should get a medal for exercising this week. Could you get me one? The only way I have found that I can consistently exercise is if I have back-up. Lately that means my husband waking me up in the wee morning hours before any kids are up. But he was out of town this week and I don't wake up to an alarm clock. Despite having everything go wrong, sick baby etc., I did manage to get in P90X 4 times SO FAR this week. I really do not know how I ever exercised when all I had was little kids and no older kids to watch them. Oh yeah, I remember...I didn't. How's them for some encouragin' words?