Getting kids to eat healthy can be a HUGE challenge. Since my kids were little I kind of had a "no negotiations" type attitude about eating what I make for them. As they have gotten older and express more of their own free will I have had to be a little more laid back. I usually try to indoctrinate them a lot about eating healthy. I tell them about the horrible living conditions of a lot of the animals that are eaten. I constantly inundate them with information on the cancer fighting properties of fruits and vegetables. I decry the evil effects of refined sugars. Of course these scare tactics only go so far. My rule now is to have the kids at least try 3 bites of each thing I make and then if they don't like it they can make themselves a sandwich. (I am not making 2 dinners).

So I don't have any real great advice on how to get kids to eat healthy except to keep searching for yummy recipes that appeal to them.

And I have to put in a major plug for green smoothies. I have never met a kid who didn't like my green smoothies except for a really stubborn nephew.
Drink these - They are Yummy!!!