Real - I am not a robot and this is not a cleverly designed advertising conspiracy blog (obviously). I hesitate even using the adjective "real" because that almost seems like I am accusing other bloggers of not being "real." But what real means on this blog is that the pictures won't be professional, my house will not always be spotless in the picture (or ever for that matter), and I am am not perfect at healthy eating.  A lot of times I will opt for the easy, fast option which is not always the healthiest because of lack of planning on my part or just the reality of a crazy, hectic life. I cannot possibly do all the good things I would like to do.

More Real - There will be lots of typos. If typos drive you crazy you might not want to read this blog.

Even More Real - I am not super skinny. There I said it. I'm not fat either. When all is going well I wear a size 6. But this is real life and a lot of times things don't go well, like illness, injury, family issues. I was not blessed with an amazing metabolism so that I can eat whatever I want and not exercise and still look great. No, I have to really work at it. And the exercise doesn't always happen. With 3 small kids it is hard to fit it in. I don't feel comfortable leaving them at gym daycare and I am not enough of a "nut" to wake up at 5am to exercise. I have not found the magic solution to make all my health dreams come true. But I have found that as I try to do my best to eat right and exercise I feel pretty good and I feel like I even look pretty good, even if in reality I have a few extra pounds to lose. Doing what I know to be right for my body really helps my whole outlook on myself and life in general.

Mom - I am a stay at home mom to our three girls, E-8, A-6, and G-10 months. We also home school, which could also go under the "Nut" category. Being the mom in this house means I dictate what the family eats, except  when my kids whine until I give in and don't make them eat the fabulous healthy dinner I made or like when my husband smuggles three bags of yucky white flour bagels.

Health - I am really into the idea of healthy eating. I believe our bodies are one of our greatest gifts and we have the responsibility of taking care of them. That means doing lots of research, making changes (sometimes painful) and breaking habits (again, painful). Some of the healthy things we try to do at our house.

1. Eat only whole grains
2. Avoid refined sugars
3. We are "at home vegetarians" (except for the gross canned chicken my husband hides in the cupboard, oh and some canned tuna) When we do eat meat we try to only eat animals that have been treated properly, eaten traditional diets, and not given any antibiotics or other injections.
4. Eat organic when we can - we also like to buy local as much as possible.
5. Little to no dairy - My husband and I are pretty much dairy free except for yogurt and kefir. We will eat Parmesan cheese in some dishes and dressings. The kids are not dairy free.
6. Avoid prepackaged and processed foods. - but I must admit I had every intention of making all of my baby's food but I have instead relied on mostly packaged baby food.
7. Eat lots of fresh veggies and fruit.

Healthy things I aspire to do one day:

1. Make my own bread.
2. Get rid of all my canned foods.

Getting your family to eat healthy is really challenging sometimes. Dealing with picky eaters, coming up with yummy recipes, finding the time - all of these things make it hard and it can get overwhelming. I haven't figured it all out yet but I know for me if I just institute little changes here and there it is a lot more manageable, mentally, than trying to "do it all."

Nut - I am, it needs to be said, a little crazy. I do love food and talking about food. I have been known to cuddle up with a cookbook in bed and read it like a novel.