Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthday Trip - Ecopolitan Review - Best Raw Food Ever!!

For my birthday my family headed up to Minneapolis for a quick weekend trip. We spent Friday at the Mall of America, mostly at the amusement park inside.

The big girls and my husband rode the rides...

While baby G and I hung out (no rides for this recovering back!!)

We bought the girls cotton candy because they had never tried it before and they decided they weren't missing much.

Saturday we did the stuff I really wanted to do.

1. I got to read in bed while my husband took the kids swimming.

2. We went to Ikea (we don't have one here) and I got new dishes, and a new duvet cover for our bed.

3. We went to this amazing raw food restaurant called Ecopolitan.


 I cannot stop talking about it. It was so good. We had never eaten at a raw food place before so this was a fun adventure. The restaurant is in a converted old house and the atmosphere is just perfect. The waitress was so nice and she was so patient with us and all of our questions. ("What's in this?" "Can we get the recipe?")

We ordered 4 entries and we all shared. The portions were big and plenty filling. We ordered:


* I loved the Rawvioli best. The vinaigrette on the greens was to die for and the cashew "cheese" was delicious.

Flax seed Tostadas

* This was my husband's favorite. The tostada shells were made out of flax seeds and other seeds and the dehydrated.

Hummus Plate

* I was apparently so excited I couldn't take an in focus picture.

Pesto Pizza

* I was apparently so excited I didn't take a picture

* I love how you can make crusts and things in the dehydrator. The pesto was great.


Caramel Apple Pie

* We couldn't wait to take a picture
*My husband said this was the best thing he had ever tasted.

Ice Cream Parfait

* We just could not get over this ice cream made from frozen pears, dates, and coconut oil. It was so awesome.

 The most awesome thing about their desserts is that they only use fruit and dates to sweeten them. I truly felt inspired by our trip to Ecopolitan. I want to try making more things raw and I want to really only rely on dates and other fruit for my desserts.

Sunday night we made an attempt at the apple pie. I will post our results on Friday.

A was in a CRABBY mood the whole time. She kept asking to go to Old McDonalds (gag!) E was uncharacteristically adventurous and she tried everything.

Baby G was an angel as usual.

The kids were knocked out by the end...


  1. That really is the cutest baby picture ever. You're also looking pretty cute yourself. I like your glasses! Looks like you had a good time.

  2. But here's a question--Did you like the book?

  3. i did like the book, although i did fall asleep reading it. but that is more of a reflection on me than the book!